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May 2017

For three years the experts of TU Wien researched in collaboration with the Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG (Vienna Public Utilities Company) on ideas for the mobility and energy supply of a future city. The results report is now also available in English (see right Navigation).


March 2017

A continuation of URBEM with focus on basic research was submitted by end of March to the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) within the frame of the "doc.funds Pilot Programme".

Nov. 2016

For three years TU Wien researched in collaboration with the Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG (Vienna Public Utilities Company) on ideas for the mobility and energy supply of a future city. End of September the colleagues of the doctoral programme presented their research results. The outcome will be published in 2017.

Within the next months the phd-thesis will be finalised and also published here on the Website. Further research and projects are in progress.

30.09.2016 - URBEMize me! TU Wien and Wiener Stadtwerke celebrate their successful project URBEM

URBEM-Team: doctoral candidates with their supervisors of Wiener Stadtwerke and TU Wien.

to the press report (only in german available)

picture: © Wiener Stadtwerke / APA-Fotoservice Martin Lusser

12.02.2016 URBEM-Workshop + networking meeting with other interdisziplinary PhD initiatives

URBEM doctoral collage enters its final phase – on this occasion – the participants of the Vienna University of Technology and the Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG (Vienna Public Utilities Company) came together at a workshop to discuss the initiatives progress.
In addition to visually supported presentations regarding the status quo of the 10 crosslinked topics – the meeting was meant for consultation with representatives of divisions of the infrastructure service.

Following the workshop, a networking meeting between the URBEM participants and two other interdisciplinary established doctoral initiatives was held to generate and deepen the interdisciplinary exchange between PhD students of different initiatives as well as supervisors.
In addition to URBEM, EWARD - another doctoral initiative based at the Vienna University of Technology as well as the PhD initiative of BMVIT were involved in the exchange.

Additional information on the PhD initiatives can be found at:

EWARD - Energy and Resource Awareness in Urban and Regional Development:

BMVIT – future mobility: (only in german)

05.11.2015 - URBEM @ European Utility Week

From the 3rd to the 5th November of November, the European Utility Week (EUW) took place in Vienna. With over 350 utilities and over 10.000 experts from more than 80 countries, the EUW is the largest European trade fair for the energy industry.
In the educational area the PhD initiative URBEM was introduced – as being a part of the Research Centre for Energy & Environment, based on the Technical University of Vienna.
Parallel to the events basic program, a student challenge was held for the first time, including two of URBEM’s PhD students Thomas Kaufmann and Dominik Bothe. „The challenge was to answer three questions on the following topics“, explained Dominik Bothe.

  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energies
  • Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities
  • Smart Electric Grid
  • Data Science

The challenge‘s outcome is summarized in the events report. Additional to answering these questions, the main reason for URBEM’s representation at EUW was networking with stakeholders who are active in URBEM related topics.

19.06.2015 - URBEM Team @ Drachenbootrennen

At the 2nd Vienna University Alumni Dragon Boat Race Team URBEM was also represented. Despite the changeable weather the URBEM team went highly motivated and with high personal commitment to the starting line, reaching the 11th Place.
Pictures and Results.

Picture (c) Klaus Ranger

21.04.2015 - Mid-Term at URBEM-DK:

In the two day Mid-Term workshop from 20 to 21 of April the whole URBEM Team met each other to discuss the next steps and review the project progress. Important decisions for the future were made in intensive group workshops. The requirements for the URBEM Model were sharpened and the final adjustment in each topic were discussed. To ensure that the complex contents were visualized compact a Grafic Recorder brought simultaneously all the information to paper.  
The first visible results represent the benefits of thinking beyond system boundaries. The workshop is an important milestone for the PhD students to accomplish their dissertation. 

13.11.2014 - One year URBEM!

The Doctorate Course URBEM, looks back on the first year of productive work. On this occasion, every ten doctoral candidates at the TU Vienna as well as the experts from TU and Wiener Stadtwerke met each other to review their work.

The usual way to write a doctoral thesis is to spend many lonely hours in libraries and at home office, studding a lot of literature, condenses the content and finally writing the theses. URBEM break this rule and shows another innovative way to write a thesis in a team with other PhD students. This guided process is influenced by cooperation and feedback.

URBEM – 10 PhD students each one with a complex individual task. The progress reports made it clear, that the URBEM Team is on the road of success.

Sim City. Only in real.

What it's all about at URBEM? A whole range of issues of a future sustainable supply of safe, affordable and livable urban energy and mobility system in Vienna. The task ranges from

  • the modeling of the Vienna passenger transport system,
  • analysis of the energy performance of existing buildings,
  • the simulation of the distribution, storage, the entry points for thermal energy, gas and electricity to
  • exploration of the ICT requirements through urban smart grids.

It's about interfaces with the building-related energy demand and supply in Vienna. And the central question of optimal investment strategies in the Vienna energy system. All of these topics include energy consumption and mobility behavior from a sociological point of view, which is devoted an entire work. The developed scenarios are bundled in a spatial simulation environment. In practical terms you can imagine the finished model as the computer game "Sim City", but with real data from Vienna.

28.08.2014 - URBEM at the European Forum Alpbach

The URBEM PhD students had the opportunity to introduce their views in the discussion of Alpbach. "It was an extraordinary experience that made me meet interesting people", commented PhD student Sara Fritz her participation.

news item [german]

14.05.2014 - Sustainability Award: Award for URBEM

news item [German]

© TU-Wien | Matthias A. Muggli

Prof. Adalbert Prechtl(TU Wien Vice Rector), Dr. Ilse Stockinger (Chief executive Wiener Stadtwerke | URBEM), Prof. Thomas Bednar (URBEM, TU Wien)

10.04.2014 - Doctoral student Nikolaus Rab wins Science Slam "Vienna 2025"

On 10/04/2014 a Science Slam took place on the subject of the future of the City of Vienna in 2025. In a Science Slam scientists have the opportunity to present their work in 6 minutes. In competition with the other participants the act with the most understandable and entertaining show wins.

We are very pleased that Nicholas Rab won this award. His winning entry can be viewed at the following link(german). 

17.03.2014 - The URBEM-Team is complete

The Urbem team is now complete. This team is currently conducting research on scenarios of how Vienna will develop over the next years and decades.

18.10.2913 - Wiener Stadtwerke and TU Vienna: 10 dissertations for Vienna's future

Start for URBEM-DK in the "Kuppelsaal" of TU Vienna.
URBEM-protagonists: 9 PhD-Students and their supervisors and representatives from Wr. Stadtwerke and TU Vienna.

Visual presentation of the Dissertation subjects

20.09.2013 - Information on the selection procedure for the PhD positions:

The two-stage application process as well as the selection of the PhD candidates has been completed - nine qualified and motivated PhD students have been accepted.